It’s always fun to create and help children to make something awesome for themselves, and that’s what they can do with a 3D printing pen. Maybe you have one of the awesome 3D printers out there and your child always wants to make toys with it. Maybe you are just as curious as to what you can make with a 3D pen as well. Whatever the situation is, 3D printing pens are one of the coolest “toys” your money can buy. This 3D pen is just $50, and you’ll find that it works amazingly well to create both fun and practical items. With the touch of a button and the palm of your hand, you’re set to create anything that your mind can dream up. Forget drawing on regular paper, get ready to create with the 3D pen!

Best Features

This is a great tool to foster both you and a child’s creativity. They will love building for hours upon hours with this pen, and it couldn’t be easier to use. This 3D pen has a one touch control that makes it easy for children to understand how it gets turned on and off. What’s amazing is you never have to worry about safety. The pen heats up and gets the filament into a semi-solid state, which is smooth enough to pipe out and hold but it won’t get hot enough to burn. It only uses PCL filament, which is great because that means it is non-toxic, it’s not going to clog the nozzle, and doesn’t smell when it is being melted down. Here are some of the features:

  • Adjustable Speed-Temperature
  • Aluminum Body – OLED Display
  • Cooling Tech – Replaceable Nozzle(You won’t need for a long while)
  • Safe For Kids – Non Toxic – Eco Friendly
  • USB Power Bank Compatible
  • New Technology and High Quality
  • Auto Sleep Precaution
  • Easy To Use – Detailed User Manual
  • Full Refund – One Year Warranty- 20.000 Hours Engine Life
  • Low Temperature – You Won’t Even Feel The Heat When You Are Holding Your 3D Pen.


This 3D pen is very light, and it is easy for both children and adults to hold and wield. The package comes with everything you need, including a few rolls of sample filament in a few different colors so you can start creating the second you open it up. Just wait for it to heat up! Many users expressed that the pen shape was a perfect fit in their hand, so it is easy to create.


The filament does run through pretty quickly, so it’s best to buy some replacements so you’re not halfway through a project and end up having to stop.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for something fun to do or something fun to gift, this pen is what you need. Children and adults alike will love creating and mastering everything. It comes highly recommended from the users.


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